View Full Version : Measurement of Ilex No 5 Shutter?

Tim Layton
8-Jan-2012, 09:51
I just got a Kodak 305 in an Ilex No 5 shutter and would like to know if anyone can tell me the inner diameter of the shutter so I can go ahead and cut the hole in my lens board and have it ready to mount when it arrives?



Jan Pedersen
8-Jan-2012, 10:02
The lip on the flange will be sunk slightly into the lens board and the outer diameter on the flange is 85.5mm at least mine is.
Hope that helps.

Dan Fromm
8-Jan-2012, 11:43

Chauncey Walden
8-Jan-2012, 13:01
Isn't the 12 inch Ektar in a #4? Or is this some other Kodak lens?

Jan Pedersen
8-Jan-2012, 13:12
Knowing that the OP earlier was looking for a Kodak 305mm Portrait lens i made the assumption that he had found one.
The 305 portrait lens have an f4.8 in shutter and f4.5 in barrel so it needs a #5 shutter.

Chauncey Walden
8-Jan-2012, 13:17
Ah! Hey Jan, I thought you were going to send me your lenses for safekeeping from the motorcycle gangs?;-) For future reference should anyone wonder, the #4 Kodak is larger than a standard #4. The flange thread is 2.735 vs 2.5.

Jan Pedersen
8-Jan-2012, 13:21
Chauncey, are you saying that you never received them :eek: I should have checked earlier but was certain they were in good hands.

8-Jan-2012, 18:20
The outer lip diameter of the flange for the #5 Universal my 305mm Kodak Portrait is in measures 85.3mm.

I'm curious, is this the same flange as an Ilex #5 for certain? My shutter is self cocking, M/X/OFF synch with bipost, and is labelled "NO. 5 UNIVERSAL SYNCHRO SHUTTER" "EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY, ROCHESTER, N.Y.", I don't see an Ilex marking on it anywhere though I presume they made it.

8-Jan-2012, 18:52
Here's a data point: I have two Kodak No 5 Universal Synchro Shutters. I don't know if either flange is original. The first shutter measures 3.197"-3.234" (81.20-82.15mm), the second 3.200"-3.224" (81.27-81.89MM).


Tim Layton
9-Jan-2012, 07:45
Thanks everyone for the help on getting the measurement. I appreciate it.


9-Jan-2012, 18:40
I have a Kodak 305 and a Caltar 375, both in #5 Ilexes, and their mounting flanges are interchangeable. The lens cell threadings, however, are not.