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Jim Chinn
6-Nov-2003, 11:31
I was in a junk/antique store near home while traveling and ran across a set of periodicals. I don't remember all the details on the cover but title was:

Sights and Scenes of the World- Magnificent Views of Cities and Nature- dated 1893.

They were published in Chicago, and unfortunately I did not write down the name of the publisher. The issues are about 11x14 in size, dark brown cover with 16 images each, about 8x10 or 10x10, (or what ever the common plate size was) usually the images are of famous buildings, cathedrals, bridges art works and landscapes from the US and Europe. There is no mention of the individual photographers, but each image is accompanied with a description and history of the subject. There is either a contents listed on the back cover or inside back cover with advertising then on the back.

The magazine was a weekly periodical with a $12 per year subscription. Reproductions are very good considering the time.

the store owner has 20 consecutive issues, most in mint condition.

Has anyone ever heard of this publication and if so what do you think they might be worth?

I am probably going to go back and buy the whole lot ($75) just because of the history presented, but it would be nice to know if they have any value beyond that. Does anyone know of a site that would have information about this periodical. it would be nice to maybe find out who the phtographers were or some more details about the publication.

Thanks for any replys in advance.

6-Nov-2003, 11:57
Looks like about $22 per issue here:


(I think they only have one)

Here is more info:



Sights and Scenes of the World, 1893-94 Periodical series of full page photos from around the world, subtitled "A Series of Magnificent Photographic Views embracing the World of Nature and Art" by Geo. W. Ogilvie & Co., published by W. B. Conkey Company, Chicago.14 issues, between Nov. 4, 1894 (#2) and Mar. 17, 1894 (#21), incomplete series -- #2-9, 11-115, 17-21 (no cover on #6, back cover only for #6) almost entirely illustrations, primarily full page photos, wonderful cover design featuring a Victorian family peering through a huge telescope at a small globe of the world, 13 inches wide, 10 3/4 inches high, some wear, foxing, loose binding, but generally good to excellent condition

You can ask a reference librarian and he/she should be able to get you more info. And you could google and try to find a antique book/magazine dealer to get you an estimate.