View Full Version : HEADS UP ON ANTIQUE 4x5 CAMERA

Keith Fleming
7-Jan-2012, 15:25
For those interested in restoring and using antique cameras, www.shopgoodwill.com has a listing for an "Antique Folmer Graflex Field Camera 4X5" that ends January 14th. The photos accompanying the item show what appear to be a couple of different 4X5 backs, one of which seems to be partially rotary. There also is what may be a 5X7 back. There's an extension rail also, plus some lensboards and flanges. Someone on this forum may be looking for such things.

To get to the item, go to the Goodwill site, click on the category "Cameras and Camcorders" and then click on "Vintage Cameras."

I have no connection to the Goodwill site. I have bought from the site, however. My best score was a Zeiss Protar VIIA set (35cm and 29cm) mounted in an Alphax shutter for less than $50.00.


10-Jan-2012, 12:11
I never knew about that site. thanks!

Jim Noel
10-Jan-2012, 17:08
That camera may have some Graflex parts, but it was not made by Folmer Graflex. Goodwill is a god source to buy cheap,but you must remember that it is unlikely any store has a camera expert.

10-Jan-2012, 17:32
$850 for a Nikon F5 just closed a few days ago (http://www.shopgoodwill.com/auctions/Kodak-DCS760-Nikon-F5-Combo-Digital-Camera-9141024.html).... yike! keh has one like new for $569


10-Jan-2012, 17:40
What I've seen when I used to watch the Goodwill site (I quit, not worth it) is the items usually go for 1.5 times to double the Ebay average. For any camera item I was watching, rangefinders, quality SLRs, wood/brass. Bidding wars galore, and a lot of people that don't know what they are bidding on.

Erik Larsen
10-Jan-2012, 18:33
It's a charity isn't it? Maybe the higher prices are reflective of the buyers being generous for a good cause?