View Full Version : Grafmatic models

Larry Huppert
29-Jan-1999, 14:15
From reading about Grafmatic holders at Graflex.org, I understand that there are two different types of Grafmatic holders which were produced. One style would fit any standard "Graflok" type back (pretty much all 4x5 cameras produced today ), and the other would only fit "Graflex" backs (on certain models of Graflex pr oduced cameras).

Aside from physically trying to see if it will fit, are there any markings on th e holders which would easily differentiate the two models (model numbers, color, etc)?

29-Jan-1999, 23:04
non-Graflok, the spring-back casting which holds the ground glass is held in place by two Phillips head screws, and it takes a screw- driver to remove the casting. this also has a plane ground glass.

Tony Brent
30-Jan-1999, 03:37
"Graflex" back cameras were the large single lens reflex cameras. They used hold ers that had a slot at the end of the holder for a light trap. They will NOT wor k on the now-standard "Graphic" and/or "Graflok" (International) backs. These ha ve the slot in the camera back, and a ridge on the holder. Just about any holder you buy nowadays is a Graphic style. You won't find the graflex back on anythin g but the old "lunch box" with maybe a few rare exceptions.