View Full Version : Andris Apse Custom Made 6 X 9cm Camera

7-Jan-2012, 12:49
just seen this one on ebay #120839526257

what you all thank

Dan Fromm
7-Jan-2012, 15:18
Cheaper Alpa 12. I suppose the seller got an offer too good to refuse and sold off eBay. The opening bid wouldn't have bought the lenses ...

The rig on offer does nothing that can't be done with a Century Graphic, those or equivalent lenses, and a couple of extension boards. Extension boards might have to be made. FWIW, I've used a 10.16"/9 Taylor Hobson Copying Lens hung on in front of a Copal #1 with the help of a short string of adapters and ELNY extension tubes on my Century.

banjo, you have a heap of 2x3 cameras. You can replicate that rig's functionality with what you have.

7-Jan-2012, 16:10
That was quick. Only a short while go it was there and now its gone.

Frank Petronio
7-Jan-2012, 16:36
If all that sold for only $1500 then it was a deal of a lifetime.

Jonathan Barlow
10-Jan-2012, 11:33
It didn't sell; the seller ended the listing before any bids were placed.