View Full Version : lens boards compatable with Cambo SC 4x5?

7-Jan-2012, 10:37
I have a Cambo SC 4x5 an I think there are other brands of lens boards that also fit this camera.

Does anyone know other compatible lens boards?

7-Jan-2012, 10:41
I think Adoramma may (or used to) offer a generic that was compatible. Other than that, I'm pretty sure the only real choice is between new or used Cambo boards.

You might also find an adapter that allows the use of other, more common boards like Linhof Tech style boards for example.

7-Jan-2012, 11:24
Maybe you know this already... the "other label" they were offered under was the Calumet label. I never saw a generic myself, except for a guy on the internet that (I think) has an aftermarket adapter.

7-Jan-2012, 11:34
I really recommend to get a Cambo-Linhof adapter and mount your lenses on Linhof boards.

The advantages are:
1. Lenses on Linhof boards are a lot smaller and easier to pack.
2. You can get excellent quality cheap Linhof boards from China.
3. Should you ever decide to change your camera system, you can likely get a Linhof adapter for the new one and you won't need to re-mount your lenses.

I went this route when I got my Cambo SC and I'm really happy I did.

8-Jan-2012, 18:40
You'll find Cambo lens boards with the Calumet brand on them. They are the same except for the label. Both are made by Cambo.

There were also no-name brands that were sold by various marketing companies--the one that comes to mind is Bromwell.

Rick "who has some labeled Calumet and some labeled Cambo" Denney

9-Jan-2012, 08:50
There was a MC system, which was a Cambo style board (or any other make) which reduced to a series of adaptor rings to fit your lens. I have a board but no rings. Fortunately the correct ring must be one of the sizes of a "Auto" shutter retaining ring as mine fits well.