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Tracy Storer
6-Nov-2003, 10:37
Well, I posted yesterday over at "rec.photo.equipment.large-format" with a first-time public use of a yahoo email address...and had more spam in that mailbox this morning than I've EVER had legit. messages. So, WARNING: somebody is cruising that list/Google or however to spam and broadcast viruses. Oh Yeah, did I mention the ".exe" attachments?

Alex Le Heux
6-Nov-2003, 10:57
Rec.photo.equipment.large-format isn't a list, it's a Usenet newsgroup. Usenet was the first place the spambots started collecting email addresses...

Never use a real email address on Usenet, it's just not worth it!


Andreas Schmidt
6-Nov-2003, 20:01
Tracy, it seems that you got a lot of messages created by computers, which sre still infected with SWEN worm. Among other sources, SWEN collects addresses from the usenet. Using an address which contains the string "spam" seems to help against this worm.

Anyway, don't use your real email address neither in usenet, nor in any web forum, where the address is dispalyed on the pages. Spammers collect them from both sources automatically.

A bit OT here, but I hope this helps you...