View Full Version : 72xl with cokin P?

6-Jan-2012, 18:10
Has anyone made any kind of adapter to be able to use the cokin p filters with the 72xl? Just handholding seems to work with the squares so I guess the grads should be ok but they are too hard to hand hold accuratelly..

6-Jan-2012, 19:07
Just use the adapter ring, not tue holder. Attach the filter with binder "bulldog" clips.

Lachlan 717
6-Jan-2012, 21:50
I doubt that they will, as they are only 85mm wide. The 72XL uses 95mm filters.

If you're not using the CF, the Cokin Z-Pro filters will cover (100mm). If you are using the CF, you'll need the X-Pro series filters (112mm front thread).

Also check the thread pitch for the adaptor rings. From memory, the front thread of the 72XL is a 1.0 pitch, while the CF is 1.5

7-Jan-2012, 02:02
Thank you for your suggestions. I like the ring idea. I dont want to move to xpro just cause of 72. The p filter does work. I guess if you had some movement it might start shoving up but then you could shift the filter as well I am guessing..

Lachlan 717
7-Jan-2012, 15:42
I still doubt that the 10mm difference in size will allow this to work.