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6-Jan-2012, 06:03
Hi to all of you!
I found this Emil Busch camera for 150 EURO and has also a 120 film adapter.
What do you think? It is worth it?

6-Jan-2012, 07:59
If you look around, you can find a 4x5 or 5x7 made by Seneca or Kodak of similar design for about half that. How much is the roll film adapter worth to you? If it's a big perk, this just might be your thing.
Make sure the bellows is in good shape. If it's got holes, you'll spend more time and effort in making it functional.

6-Jan-2012, 08:26
I understand, however I would like to buy it primarily for my old cameras collection, but of course I will shot some rolls of film:)! The point is: it's a bargain(not compared with similar cameras)?

6-Jan-2012, 08:33
Most of the value is in the rollfilm adaptor if it works.

Steven Tribe
6-Jan-2012, 14:38
This is the cheapest version of a 6x9 (?) model. It is fitted with a Vario shutter (may have another name on it, though). It does not have the bed extension that most plate cameras on the market have.
These cameras (and the roll film holder for a 6x9 plate camera has little appeal) fetch very little - 50 euro at most. A 9x12cm with roll adapter would fetch more - but not a model like this!
"Emil Busch aplanat" engraved on the lens doesn't mean the camera was made by Busch.

6-Jan-2012, 15:14
I think that's very expensive for what it is... but you could sell the rollfilm adapter for up to €50 to the right person. Even so, I wouldn't pay €100 for the camera.

If it is for a collection (not to be used, ever) then you should be able to pay a lot less for a non-working example that might clean up well.

7-Jan-2012, 02:29
Thanks to all of you for help!