View Full Version : Shortest usable lens on old 5x7 cameras

5-Jan-2012, 14:02
What is the shortest lens that can be used on a flat lend board on the old Kodak, Burke and James, and Korona 5x7 cameras? I have a 90mm Nikon f/8 and I may one day spring for the Schneider 72mm XL.


5-Jan-2012, 16:07
even using a 135mm on a 2D is a struggle with movements such as rise. I think the B&J is better but not by much.

Chauncey Walden
5-Jan-2012, 16:42
A Conley is fine with a 90.

Mark Sawyer
5-Jan-2012, 17:19
If you crank the bellows in tight, take the lens board off, and measure from the inside ground glass surface to where the aperture would be, that will give you a pretty good idea. As mentioned, with little or no bellows extension, you'll have little or nothing in the way of movements.

Richard Rau
5-Jan-2012, 21:33
Try a recessed lens board. I used one with a 90 on a 5x7 Ansco. No problem.

Jim Jones
6-Jan-2012, 08:30
A Schneider Angulon f/6.8 90mm needs maybe a 1/8 inch recessed board to focus on infinity on my flatbed 5x7 B&J. A Wollensak 4x5 Serie IIIa EXWA f/12.5 3.5 inch lens needed a sightly deeper recessed board. An Optar 90mm f/6.8 with a board recessed about 1/2 inch had no problem.