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Geraldine Powell
5-Jan-2012, 12:31
I have to remove the thingy that screw into the underside of the Sinar front standard that holds one end of the rod for the bellows shade. I have the right size precision Phillips screwdriver but I can't budge either of the screws.

What is the correct name for it-?rod holder?

How do I get the screws out/

Thank you very much.

John Koehrer
5-Jan-2012, 14:44
First thing I'd do is set the camera upside down and put a TINY drop of penetrating oil on each screw, let it sit overnight and try loosening it again.
Second and more dangerous would be to heat the metal surrounding the screw and try again. Heat the camera sans bellows in an oven & loosen the screw before it cools.

This may be dangerous to your cameras health and your peace of mind.

Vick Vickery
5-Jan-2012, 14:50
John gave you good advice and in the correct order; I'd use a soldering gun only on the screw head as a first try at applying heat...often a minute or less application of direct heat in this manner will cause mainly the screw to change size, thereby breaking the bond. You can always put the whole thing in an oven if direct heat to the screw doesn't work.

Jon Shiu
5-Jan-2012, 15:54
If the other tips don't work, get out a small set of vise grip pliers and tape the jaws with electrical tape so they don't scar the screwdriver. Then, grip the shaft/handle of the screw driver while pushing down on the end of the screwdriver. The screw may then come off with the added leverage, or the head may strip a bit, so be cautious and go easy.


5-Jan-2012, 16:01
HOLY SH*T! Put a Sinar in an oven? What temp do you use? Was the screw put in with a thread lock liquid? Was it just screwed tight? Is is rusty and that causes it to be stuck? Steel in alumn? Bad news there. Try mouse milk penetrating oil. http://www.mousemilk.com/

5-Jan-2012, 17:22
Another trick worth considering is to buy a cheap screwdriver of the right size, heat the tip with a propane torch, gas range burner, or the like, and then hold the hot tool in the screw head for a few seconds. Let it cool, then try to remove; repeat as necessary, escalating the time and temperature according to your risk tolerance and understanding of the mechanical failure threshold. (A broken screw is even more trouble than one merely stuck.)

Geraldine Powell
5-Jan-2012, 20:56
Thank you for all these suggestions. I will try them out tomorrow in order of less dangerous to most. I will report on results.
Thank you for the link to mousemilk. I will order it if nothing moves tomorrow.
(I used to put a clarinet in a very low oven to bring the pitch up-very tricky because of the glue on the pads-it was an instrument made of cobbled together parts and very difficult to get in tune.)

Geraldine Powell
5-Jan-2012, 21:15
Eureka! I tried again and they came out. I am a bit sad I didn't get to try heating the tip of the screwdriver, that suggestion really appealed to me.
Thank you everyone.