View Full Version : Graphic film pack adapter #1234

Frank Lahorgue
4-Nov-2003, 10:10
I've just fallen heir to three of these film pack adapters -- do they have any practical use nowadays for a guy operating a Canham DLC?


Mark Sampson
4-Nov-2003, 10:24
Kodak discontinued their last 4x5 filmpacks in about 1992. They held 16 sheets of film (on thin,120-thickness base). So you didn't have to load/unload/carry standard holders. Very useful for field photogaphers, if more expensive. A little more difficult to process. The only emulsion available by then was Tri-X- which suited me just fine.

Kevin Crisp
4-Nov-2003, 10:26
There is a reason people try to sell these on Ebay for $2 and people don't buy them. Now a grafmatic, that's another story.

Frank Lahorgue
4-Nov-2003, 12:33
Thanks guys --

I'll add these to my paper weight collection.

Good light

30-Nov-2003, 10:12
Hello, I am French, i write a bad english. I have buy a graphic film pack adapter for my crown graflex special but i don't understand how i put inside the ektas. I don't have the manual. In France, it's imposible to have that. It'is good for me or is better just the standard two sheet orders. Thanks