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4-Jan-2012, 04:05
:) picked up a cambo master plus yesterday used and in like new condition, nice camera, still had the tag hanging on it. does anyone know the differance between the master and the master plus? is there any differance?

Frank Petronio
4-Jan-2012, 06:57
The Master Plus can beat up the Master.

I think the Master Plus has base tilts as well as center tilts. But I am no authority.

Steven Tribe
4-Jan-2012, 07:27
Post a couple of photos and I can compare it with my cambo master 4x5.
Otherwise I have no idea what the difference is.

Steven Tribe
4-Jan-2012, 15:23
Checked out a photo of the Master Plus and Frank is right!

Robert Jonathan
4-Jan-2012, 15:53
Yup, the plus has base tilts.

Just like the Legend PC vs. the Legend.

Great camera, have fun!

4-Jan-2012, 15:55
Thanks for the info. looks like that is the differance. I guess i got the right manual. this camera has smooth movements, but the ground glass tension release lever sucks, might retire my old sinar p

Robert Jonathan
4-Jan-2012, 20:46
Hi boatboy,
In what way is the lever not adequate?

I haven't tried Cambo 4x5 stuff, but my Horseman 8x10 uses the Cambo 8x10 spring back and I hate it. It doesn't stay shut, and I actually use tape to keep it 100 percent closed while focusing (which might be overkill, but if you tip the camera backward, the frame opens, unlike other 8x10 backs, like Toyo, which is the best back ever).

I love my Horseman 4x5 back though.

5-Jan-2012, 03:33
the leaver just pushes out one side of the spring back not both sides like my sinar.
I have to hold the camera and push the holder in because it still has spring tension on the other side. but it does have enough spring tension to hold the film holder tight with no light leaks. most 4x5 graflock type backs on view cameras i have experienced always have good tension to hold the film holder tight with no light leaks.
I have the same problem you have with my cambo and my deardorf 8 x 10, after a while it seems that those leaf springs loose their springiness, but I use 2 big rubber bands, one on one side one on the other. tape too messy. also I had light leak problems with 2 lisco 8x10 holders, they were warped a little bit. sent them back to lisco and they replaced them.