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3-Jan-2012, 11:52
I currently have a Fujinon-W 90 mm, Fujinon-W f/6.8 150mm and a Schneider 5.6 180mm.
I would like to have something longer maybe a 210 or a 240mm and eventually a 300mm.
My question is with the 90 as my WA, would you keep the 150 and get a 210 or keep the 180 and get a 240?
I like portrait work and do a lot of table top shots if that information helps.

Kevin Crisp
3-Jan-2012, 12:16
Though 180 is my favorite 5X7 lens, for 4X5 I'd get rid of the 180 and get either a 210 or a 240. Many people have settled on 90/150/210 as a nice three lens set, maybe add a 300-305 later.

But it really turns on what you take photos of.

3-Jan-2012, 12:59
But it really turns on what you take photos of.

True –

My 110-150-240 kit does well for 98% of my diverse 4x5 landscape needs, but my next lens won’t go wider than 110, nor longer than 240...

It will be a 180, the first lens I wish I had purchased!

4-Jan-2012, 08:50
For table top (product?) photography, I would recommend the 180 or 210. They are closer to a normal view and won't cause problems with distorted perspective.

Peter Gomena
4-Jan-2012, 09:54
I'd keep the 90 and 150. If you have a larger tabletop setup, the 150 is handy. As others said, the 90/150/210 setup is a basic set. Others like a 180. It's up to you. The difference you would notice with a 240 is that an f/5.6 240 often comes in a #3 shutter. Suddenly the glass is much bigger, heavier and depth-of-field becomes much less. This is good from the standpoint of being able to throw backgrounds out-of-focus to isolate your subject matter. You also may find your tripod suddenly too short for easy tabletop work. There are always tradeoffs.

Peter Gomena

Gem Singer
4-Jan-2012, 10:20
PM sent.