View Full Version : modified C2 roll film back?

3-Jan-2012, 09:11
Anyone modified a C2 to prevent it from scratching the gg, perhaps by gluing plastic strips on the rails like the C2N has? I put thin stickies on mine as padding (too late for my Wista 45sp GG), but those don't stay on forever. Just wondering if there are easier/better solutions other than buying a C2N (unless you are paying) or pulling the back out of the until it's inserted. Seems like it would be pretty simple to epoxy rail risers on there...

3-Jan-2012, 11:44
yes I used a 1/4 " sheet that been dadoed to fit
and be about 3/16 higher then it was

3-Jan-2012, 16:58
what did you use?