View Full Version : Wollensak Ext. WA No. 9 17x20 (13")

John Schneider
2-Jan-2012, 14:31
I picked up one of these a while ago and have been futzing with putting it into a shutter. While I'm waiting, does anyone have more information or experience with this other than what's shown in the catalogs from Camera Eccentric? It looks to have a slightly smaller angle of view than the comparable B&L Series V. Beverley and Dudley show no data for the lens construction; and ideas what it might be?

Tracy Storer
2-Jan-2012, 17:10
Going from memory, the Wolly EWA is f/12.5, more like the Series IV Protar? Still quite good coverage.

2-Jan-2012, 17:13
Why mount it in shutter? Just use a lens cap. You'll most likely be stopping it down to f22, f32 so your exposure time will be quite slow depending on the film you use. The slower the ASA, like 100 or 125, slower exposure time. You'll probably have about a 1 sec time or longer so a shutter will not necessary. Hope this helps.