View Full Version : A few questions about photo store processing

1-Jan-2012, 17:35
Even though they use computers Its 100% percent photographic chemistry correct?

Is it possible to make effects on these processors? I know I can make an image a solid color, like cyan, or green. Much like a color copier? Anything else?

Is it possible to print on a transparency rolls from processors?

How much do slide positives usually cost? Are they still making them?

How much is resizing positives usually cost?

Scratched Glass
3-Jan-2012, 08:34
All the new printers scan the film, so negative or positive is not a problem, it is the size of the film that is the problem. I think all the processors are using traditional paper and materials, but that may not be 100% true. Small processors at department or drug store are only going to be able to do 35mm or APS film, no 120. You can get them to scan your film and then add all the effects you want on your own computer, then bring the files back for processing. Prints from a roll of film will be cheap, individual slides will be more expensive, but still inexpensive. It will be much, much less than printing them on an inkjet at home.

D. Bryant
8-Jan-2012, 09:51
Ask at the shop. One I have experience with as I know the owner - mixed his chemistry much weaker than normal because he says it saves him money. Trouble is it also produces weaker color and his prints don't look as good as those from the Wal Mart in the next town. He is trying to compete with it on price - something he can't really do. Meanwhile he is losing customers as some of their prints are fading within a few months of processing.


If what you say is true it would only take a day or two before he lost controll of the process.