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David Karp
31-Dec-2011, 17:40
I just received a 5x7 borosilicate groundglass from Steve Hopf this afternoon. (This to replace the standard Hopf groundglass that I dropped and broke in August while in Kings Canyon National Park.)

Popped it on the reducing back for my WP Seneca, put a lens on the camera, and took some views of the world upside down.

It is a beautiful screen. I asked for a 1" black grid and like it very much. The GG is perfect.

Steve and Julian are a pleasure to deal with. It is good to have such nice people to work with in our hobby/obsession.

Maybe tomorrow I can come up with something to photograph. I have to use all that 5x7 HP5+ I bought but could not use in Kings Canyon!

31-Dec-2011, 18:17
put a lens on the camera, and took some views of the world upside down.

Your view is just fine. It's the rest of the world that's upside down.
I can't think of one negative comment I've read or heard about the Hopf family or the their glass.
That speaks volumes.

Richard Wasserman
31-Dec-2011, 19:11
I agree, Steve's glass is great and he is a pleasure to work with. I use a borosilicate groundglass in my Horseman FA with lenses from 80-240mm, and find it very easy to focus and view. Highly recommended!

1-Jan-2012, 08:41
When I received my Toyo 8x10 MII a few years ago I was very disappointed with the standard grainy Toyo brand GG that was on it and ordered one of Steve's Ultrafine screens to improve upon the "view" and focus. WOW! What a drastic improvement! I also ordered a screen for my Linhof Kardan 45S! Steve makes a terrific product!

Jim Noel
1-Jan-2012, 09:45
Do you have a link or other contact for Steve? A google search brings up nothing.

1-Jan-2012, 10:40