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phil sweeney
30-Oct-2003, 07:57
I have been looking around for collapsible lens shades that screw in. It seems there are plenty for smaller formats. Are there any made particularly for large formats (I have not found any)? Specifically I am looking for ones more suitable for 8 x 10 lenses 8 to 24 inches. I had tried to find the types Michael A. Smith uses (three screw adapter and series 9 shades), with no luck. I am having SK Grimes' shop make a 3 screw adapter (for my screwless lenses) that will take my 67mm filters and, for now, some metal lens shades I have. The ones Michael has are great but it seems they are no longer made.

Ellis Vener
30-Oct-2003, 08:19
try the Lee Filters format kit.

Walter Glover
30-Oct-2003, 09:51
Another tip would be to contact a motion picture supply house and look at the Tiffen range of attachments. The front section of many MP zooms would rival the diameter of an 8x10 lens.

dan nguyen
30-Oct-2003, 10:25
I use the Hasselblad collapsible lens shades for LF with adapter...

Gary Miller
30-Oct-2003, 11:38
Like dan n, I use a shade for medium format cameras which are great. I use the RB/RZ G-2 Bellows Hood which has a 77mm mounting ring.I purchase step up/down adapters for lenses that use modern filter threading. I use it on my Rodenstock lenses: 150mm, 210mm, 250 Imagon, and 300mm. On my Kodak Ektars and Wollensak lenses I have adapter rings made by SK Grimes to step up or down because the threading on these older lenses is different. I like the rack and pinion adjustment of this shade and you never have to take it off to make lens adjustments, unlike the compendium lens shades.

Jeff Lentz
30-Oct-2003, 15:32
I use the Lee kit. Its great, just a bit pricey.

Hans Berkhout
30-Oct-2003, 16:39
I have my lenses standardised on 67 mm with step-up rings. Collapsable rubber shades are readily available in "The Camera Store" here in Calgary. Made by HOYA. I don't know what the largest size is, but you can contact Julian at: julian@thecamerastore.com

Bob Salomon
30-Oct-2003, 18:15
Heliopan makes rubber hoods up to 105mm

Michael A.Smith
30-Oct-2003, 19:01
They are still made, Phil. You can get them at Harrison and Harrison--they make them and the prices are reasonable. Or you can get them at Tiffen. If you call Tiffen, ask for the Motion Picture division. The still photography division will tell you they are no longer made.

Abel Sykes
30-Oct-2003, 20:01
As others have said, I think you will find the Lee system might address your needs. I use it and it works well.

Nicholas Fiduccia
31-Oct-2003, 21:28
Phil, B&H carries the Hama Telematic rubber lens hood. This hood is collapsible to 4 positions and supposedly will cover from 24mm to 200mm (in 35mm terms). I have not used mine yet but it looks well made. It looks to me like a better solution than shading the lens with your hat and it's less expensive and less bulky than compendiums.

Can someone post a picture of the type of lens hood that Michael Smith was refering to?

phil sweeney
1-Nov-2003, 03:28
Tiffen still makes a series 9 adapter (single screw vs Michael's 3-screw), but they do not make the shade any longer. Harrison and Harrison does not make rubber lens shades.

With my adapter I'll try one of the Hama shades. Then I will not have to carry any metal ones.