View Full Version : 8x10 image circle / fujinon 300

Mike Troxell
30-Oct-2003, 06:58
I'm buying a Fujinon C 300MM/8.5 lens for my 4x5. I am also planning to buy a 8x10 camera sometimes next year and was wondering if I would also be able to use the Fuji 300, which has a image circle of 380, on the 8x10? What is the minimum usable image circle for a 8x10.

Ernest Purdum
30-Oct-2003, 07:15
The diagonal of 8" X 10" is 312mm. You'll see it often rounded off and allowances for borders vary. At any rate, an image circle of 380mm not only covers but provides some use of movements on 8" X 10"

Brian Ellis
30-Oct-2003, 11:20
325mm is the number I usually see as the 8x10 minimum.

Ernest Purdum
30-Oct-2003, 12:24
Brian's addition is an example of what I meant about rounding off and different allowances for borders. The figure I supplied is that used by Schneider.

Mike Troxell
30-Oct-2003, 15:50
If 312 - 325 is the diagonal of an 8x10 sheet of film, what size image circle is considered "average" for 8x10? What would allow a good set of movements?

Ernest Purdum
30-Oct-2003, 18:53
That isn't easy to say because it depends so much on what sort of photography you do. Architectural workers have the toughest situation. They sometimes use their movements very extensively and, on the other hand, sometimes use a lens/film combination that covers the widest angle possible, so leaves no allowance for movement at all.

Most of us can get by with much less. I suppose an "average" might be a roughly 72 degree lens like the Apo-Sironar-N. In the 300mm size, often considered "normal" for 8" X 10", the image circle is 425mm. An Apo-Symmar has the same specs. This would be more movement capability than mamy people ever use, I think.

Your Fujinon C is a fine lens. I think you will be very happy with it.

Scott Atkinson
30-Oct-2003, 19:29
I regularly use a Fuji 300C with my Arca 8x10. No problem at all for landscape work...unlike my Fuji 240A, which technically covers 8x10, too (325mm or so), but which I find very cramped in the corners.

Mike Troxell
30-Oct-2003, 19:47
Thanks for all the responses. I'll be using the Fuji 300C for mainly landscape so from what everone has said, it should work out fine. I also just found a 2D in excellent condiction for about $300 which should get me going till I can afford a Canham or Deardorff next year.