View Full Version : Backbag for 8x10" Sinar

29-Dec-2011, 02:36

I would like to carry my bigger Sinar out sometimes, but for that I need a good backpack, so do you people have any suggestions what would be good. I have old Kata backpack, but it is way too small. It should be able to carry also couple of lenses and couple of cassettes, perhaps also changing bag, and films.

Michael Wynd
29-Dec-2011, 15:19
I bought a Black Wolfe "Cedar Breaks" 90 litre backpack with an attached day pack (that I put my dark slides in) and then made up a hard foam protective case that I compartmentalised and then covered in felt. The foam and felt are put together with PVA glue and are quite cheap to make. Compaared to what I was using this thing is so easy to carry on hikes of 10-20 km.
Hope this helps

29-Dec-2011, 15:25
I did it once with my ULA Catalyst, but it wasn't easy. I like the anvil cases where you transport an assembled camera. With mine, I had to disassemble and cushion each component in between clothes and 3 foam pads, with tripod strapped to the hiking pole loops on the outside.
5X7 is a lot easier to manage.

30-Dec-2011, 18:31
Maybe one of these?


31-Dec-2011, 14:06
Maybe one of these?


One of these will fit the 4x5, but you would be hard pressed to get an 8x10 kit in one of those.

Ed Kelsey
31-Dec-2011, 15:07
How about a wheelbarrow?

31-Dec-2011, 15:21
I can fit my C-1 with three lenses, a shutter box and all shooting accessories except holders into an old Lowe Pro Photo-Trekker. Perhaps one would work for your Sinar. I've never had a Sinar so I don't know how easy it is to use a stub rail or slide it off the rail- which worked pretty well with a 4x5 Cambo SCX I used to have in a smaller pack.

Beyond that you might consider a Tenba car case and a pack frame to put it on.

Whatever you do, if you're carrying it in a pack keep the heavy parts as close to your back as possible. Eg, I carry my tripod over my shoulder, the pack will carry it, but on the far side of the pack, and the weight cantilevers in a way that makes it incredibly difficult to carry.