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28-Dec-2011, 13:36
I have looked all over and I can't come up with an answer. I just picked up a Omega 4x5 camera and I thought it would be nice to be able to run instant film through it since I'm brand new to large format. I've looked at tons of different Polaroid backs but no one seems to know if any of them will work with the current crop of Fuji instant film.

Does Fuji produce their own 4x5 back? Will any of the old Polaroid backs work with the Fuji film? How does one go about loading the back? With no battery powered system to move the film do you just single load a film holder?

I've searched and all I can find is old references to when Polaroid still made film or to people who are using Fuji film but no clue as to what equipment they are using.

Any info is appreciated!

Thank you


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28-Dec-2011, 14:19
For 4x5 instant film, you'll need a Polaroid 550 back or a Fuji PA-45.
For the smaller 3.25" x 4.25" pack film, you need a Polaroid 405 or Fuji PA-145 back.
The Fuji 4x5 film is being discontinued, so only older stock is available.
The smaller film is still available fresh.
Polaroid no longer makes instant pack film.

Wes Stewart
28-Dec-2011, 14:20
The 4x5 film is still available fresh, and will be for some time. BHphoto and lots of other places have it in stock. My last batch of fp-3000b45 has an expiration date of 05/12.

28-Dec-2011, 14:32

Helen Bach
30-Dec-2011, 14:11
Though the 4x5 pack film is no longer made, Fuji say that they have about 18 months supply of FP-100C45 at normal consumption rates, and less than that of FP-3000B45. It can be stored flat in a fridge.

Daniel Moore
31-Dec-2011, 03:21
The wiki entry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instant_film#End_of_production) has lots of useful info too. Rebirth of type 55 P/N ?? : ) News to me. (http://new55project.blogspot.com/) Sorry if this is veering off the topic, I got excited.