View Full Version : Which Pelicase and backpack for a 8x10 Arca-Swiss F-Line metric with Orbix?

28-Dec-2011, 12:02
Hi guys,

in order to transport an Arca-Swiss 8x10 F-Line Metric system (by separating the monorail from the smallest monorail unit where I plan to leave the two standards attached),

a) what Pelicase is the minimum size in order to safely travel by air and

b) which backpack would you recommend if one wants to transport additional two lenses and maybe 3 film holders?

Any recoomendations?

Kind regards


28-Dec-2011, 12:09
Is that for carry-on or as baggage?
For carry-on, the 1510 is the largest in the Pelican line.

28-Dec-2011, 13:04
As baggage, I live in Europe and most airlines have a carry-on weight limit of about 8kg, which undoubtedly won't suffice ... :(

28-Dec-2011, 16:00
I have found airlines vary a lot on size and weight restrictions with regard to case sizes (carry on luggage and check in baggage).
The SeatGuru (http://www.seatguru.com) site has most airlines and tour operators, just select the airline and click on the baggage tab and it shows sizes and weights allowed.
There is also a useful sortable chart on the 3D Flight Cases (http://www.3d-cases.co.uk/information/moulded-case-sizes.php) site that shows internal case sizes, external sizes and weights of all the popular plastic cases including Peli, Storm, SKB, Explorer and Hardigg Cases all in one chart.

28-Dec-2011, 16:21
As baggage, I live in Europe and most airlines have a carry-on weight limit of about 8kg, which undoubtedly won't suffice ... :(

I think, then, that the Pelican 1650 will do the job, depending on how heavy your gear is.

28-Dec-2011, 16:35
As baggage, I live in Europe and most airlines have a carry-on weight limit of about 8kg, which undoubtedly won't suffice ... :(

Are you sure about that? The last couple of times I travelled by air, both recent, the limit for a carry-on bag was 10 kg (22 lbs) on Air Canada and 25 lbs (11.3 kg) on Continental. In any event, your camera, without lenses, only weighs about 4.5 kg. Also, in all the years that I've been flying, I have never once had a carry-on bag weighed. Security gates are in the x-ray business, not, as far as I know, in the baggage weighing business. If you keep yourself in the ballpark, I think that the only real issue to be concerned with is making sure that you meet the dimensional requirements for carry-on bags.

A Pelicase is fine if you are otherwise traveling very light, but these cases weigh quite a lot (if I recall, the Pelicase 1510, referred to earlier, weighs 8.5 kg), and to me the bigger issue these days is the surcharges that result if you check additional bags and/or exceed checked baggage weight limits. My personal view on Pelicans, in the current surcharge environment, is that they are a highly inefficient use of allowed dimensional volume and weight per checked bag.

28-Dec-2011, 17:09
I should add that in the case of Air Canada, at least, two carry-ons are allowed (theoretically, at least, different types of items) and that the total allowance is actually 20 kg or 44 lbs: http://www.aircanada.com/en/travelinfo/airport/baggage/carry-on.html

Continental also has a lot of wiggle room when it comes to carry-on: http://www.continental.com/CMS/en-US/travel/Pages/BaggageCarry-On.aspx

Note the specific treatment of cameras and camera gear.

I'm just suggesting that you might want to check a few of the European airline web sites to nail this down.

28-Dec-2011, 20:07
I'm facing a similar choice, and the following looks promising for backpacks, though I am only comparing paper specifications:


Pete Roody
29-Dec-2011, 07:33

They don't make it anymore but I use a Tenba Huge Backpack with my 8x10 Arca. It fits in overhead bins and I carry it on with lenses and at least 3 holders. I usually check my tripod and extra holders with my other luggage.

The F64 backpack looks about the same size and that should work also. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/91695-REG/f_64_BPXG_BPX_Extra_Large_Backpack.html

Frank Petronio
29-Dec-2011, 09:55
The Pelicans can be quite heavy and at the size you'd use for an 8x10 camera outfit you'll be close or over the 50lb US checked limit (avoiding surcharges).

A Lightware or Tenba attache-style case made from Nylon, plastic, and high density foam will be half the weight and they are quite durable and strong. They are not going to be as ultimately strong as a Pelican but neither will they get brittle in the cold and crack like some of the Pelicans are prone to do (the case will be warrantied, sorry about the camera!) I think they have more "give" that actually is a benefit.

The soft-sided hard cases are also much kinder to carry and the won't ding your walls and scratch interiors as much as a completely hard case.

The downside is that you can not stand on them.

I would still pad camera and lenses inside the case and have everything firm and tight so there is no bouncing.