View Full Version : Hanging 3 month show of LF work at the Nevada State Library!

Jim Galli
28-Oct-2003, 20:23
An announcement for all of my LF friends. I have the privilege of
hanging a rather large show of my work at the Nevada State
Library in Carson City, Nevada. I'll be putting the display
together on Friday the 7th of November and it will hang until
February. My main thrust will be Black & White fine art works but I
will also be displaying 12 color 20X30" pieces that were commissioned
by the Nevada Commission on Tourism: Pioneer Territory. The B/W
work includes many 8X10 contact prints including some that were done
with unsharp masking. If you find yourself near Northern Nevada and
would like to view the real thing up close and personal, I entreat you
to make the pilgrimage to the main Nevada State Library.

John Kasaian
28-Oct-2003, 23:07
Jim, thats Great News! I'm usually in Sack'o'tomatos at least once a month for work, so I'll find some time to go over the hump to Carson City and check it out!-----------Cheers!

Doremus Scudder
29-Oct-2003, 06:54
Jim, I'll try to get by in Dec. when I travel through. Best wishes for a great opening.

Mark Houtzager
29-Oct-2003, 08:47
Wow! Best wishes, Jim!



John W. Randall
29-Oct-2003, 09:06
Hi, Jim

Congratulations on your upcoming show. I can only imagine how good you must feel right now.

Will any of your White Mountain images be on display? Or is the mix strictly limited to Nevada Landscapes?

Best regards,

Kevin M Bourque
29-Oct-2003, 12:29
Good for you, Jim. Maybe it will be of benefit in a practical $en$e, as well.

Jim Galli
29-Oct-2003, 22:20
Thanks to all for your encouragement. If I get sone things posted on-line, I'll add a note to this thread. Only a single bristlecone this time John. Here's a teaser though.

David F. Stein
30-Oct-2003, 21:26
Congratulations, Jim. Your devotion and honesty to craft have been clearly evident-good to see wider expression of your work.