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James Driscoll
28-Oct-2003, 19:52
Being the person who always gets my inbox filled with people asking me Plaubel View questions...I feel a little sheepish asking a question about a Plaubel.

For fun I use a Plaubel Peco Universal III 8x10/5x7 camera....and have been pondering adding a 6x9 Peco Jr. Monorail to the "Stable". My dilemma is that since I already own a slew of lenses that I use for my Architectural business (72mm xl, 90mm 4.5 Grandagon, etc) that they won't clear the size of the front standard. They have rather large rear ends...

If I could look at one...I wouldn't have to pose the question, but since I don't anyone have any experience??? I know that my 180mm apo symmar will fit, and can get a 105mm symmar for peanuts, but buying a 65mm S/A or 75mm S/A is not in my budget....and I don't want to buy a 6x9 camera to shoot only with my 150mm/180mm lenses.

I would also be interested in hearing comments about the Peco Jr., I love the feel of the 8x10...but it is "germanic" (read=overbuilt) and am curious about the weight and bulk of the Jr.

Thanks in Advance


Richard Årlin
29-Oct-2003, 01:46
Just nice to se a post on the Plaubel Peco III Universal, I have used one for nearly 10 years with a 13x18 rear standard (5"x7") I never thought of it until now that the engravings on the plate was a list of available sizes of the rear standard. I think the little beauty you mention could be found at "Schönherrs foto" with a kit of 2 or 3 lenses, www.schoenherrsfoto.se,

Cheers, Richard

Frank Petronio
29-Oct-2003, 05:04
James, nobody else is using a Peco Jr. anywhere in the world. Really!

David Bennett
29-Oct-2003, 05:32

You fibber!!!

Here I am usibg a Peco Junior (for hobby reasons not professionally yet...) and I think it's Fab!

Of course I have not yet explored all it' s foibles and facets but for 300 UKP with 3 lenses in shutters,and on boards, spare bellows and 5 DD slides I thought it was good value?

If there are any more "Peco" Links out there do let us al know.

Best wishes


Richard Urmonas
29-Oct-2003, 22:42
The 6x9 Junior is a very nice camera. The few lenses I have are all fairly simple designs so I don't have issues with lenses too large for the boards. Plaubel also made an adapter to use the smaller lens boards on the larger cameras. The Junior is well built, not as heavily built as a larger camera, but then it does not need to be. I have had no issues with lack of rigidity. The only thing I find "missing" is that the back only has tilts, and the front only has swings (from memory). So for some close-up work this can be a bit of a pain as you need to reframe after using front swing. Otherwise it is a lot of fun to use. Mine lives in a small fitted case, about the size of a compact 35mm SLR outfit. This holds the camera + 3 lenses, bag bellows, loupe, cable release, 2 roll film holders etc.

If you have any specific questions feel free to contact me.

Dave Gwynne
14-Jan-2004, 06:46
Richard should really check his memory, or there are different models. Just pulled mine out of the draw to make sure my memory wasn't switched off. Swing and base tilt on the rear, rise/fall and shift at the front. Whenever I look at it i'm seduced by the beautiful work in this jewel; but for Frank's benefit, no I don't use it. The only legitimate reason for this is that it came with one lens, a 90, and no bag bellows. Bellows bind with even such tiny bit wide at infinity gives very little movement. May as well whip out one of the Mamiya presses. I'm also too lazy.

Geir Bugge Søyland
15-Sep-2004, 13:18
I collect old cameraes of all types...... i have over 150 different ones. I´ve just got a Plaubel with a 90 mm and 105 mm. And just the plate to fokus on.....then very carefull i take it of.... close the shutter, put on the filmcase....... And if i am lucky it still in fokus, but i love using it.....Not that i can´t take pics faster. I sure Can . But i love my Junior ,it takes crisp sharp pics most of the time, if I don´t stumble in the tripod..............

let´t us keep in touch

Geir o

George King
11-Oct-2004, 02:22
I bought a Peco Jr back in the late seventies when Olden's in NYC was having a distress sale on a whole bunch of Plaubel gear. Camera with two backs, a 100mm Symmar in a compur shutter, all in a really neat little equipment case was about $495 as I recall.

I was smart enough to get a bag bellows, a couple of rollfilm backs, and some of the metal plaubel sheet film holders, figuring that these would be next to impossible to find later. That was essentially correct. I also bought a special front lensboard to mount a 47mm lens, but that was really ancient stock, and I had to rebuild it, winding up painting it black so that it does not match the camera.. however, it's still workable.

I added a 180 mm Tele-Arton f4, an f5.6 Super Angulon, and an f5.6 47mm Super Angulon, all in compur shutters to the kit. For any but the 100mm and the 180mm, the bag bellows is absolutely essential.

The camera is incredibly light compared to any 4x5 view. The entire kit I listed above comes to well under 10 pounds, and a gitzo reporter is plenty of tripod. (I also bought a Plaubel 4x5 Profia at about the same time, by comparison that camera alone weighs 13 pounds and requires a 17 pound tripod making a "kit" with a total weight approaching 40 pounds).

Having said all this, I have actually used the Jr. very little, but the results have always been fine. The one thing that would make it a lot nicer is to add a field lens to the ground glass to improve brightness, and the little focusing hood that comes with the camera, (identical to on the old Makinas) is hard to use. A focusing cloth is better.

About seven years after I got it, I had to replace all the light seals, because the originals were really lightweight foam that turned to goo. I replaced them with seals made from a vinyl foam tape, and those have been durable.

The only real problem with this camera is finding accessories. Not a problem for me, but very tough if you are buying into it now.

17-Dec-2005, 14:16
I Have one fore sale I dont know how much its worth but it comes in exelent condition with a sinar case