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28-Oct-2003, 11:10
I teach 6th grade science for most of the day and am on the look out for old lenses that the students can take apart to see how they are put together and to explore different lens groupings and the effects this has on an image. To do this we need lenses to play with. Our district, in their infinitly small wisdom, junked (as in threw away without notice) all of the old slide projectors, 8 and 16mm film projectors, and film strip projectors, instead of asking if these things could be used at all in the classrooms.

I am looking for donations of old unused lenses. Donations to schools are, of course tax deductable, and I will be glad to send anyone donating an item, a letter of thanks on school letterhead for your tax records that includes the reasonable value of the lens (you set this, just keep it reasonable please).

Items can be sent to Mark Haynie P.O. Box 1757 HWY 264 Ganado AZ, 86505 928-755-1120 ext.1165

Rest assured that there is no way these will reenter the market. I use what I get and use it for a long time (usually until it breaks)

If you need any explanation as to the uses these lenses will see just ask and I will be glad to explain what I will be doing with them. I am not just looking for LF lenses I am looking for all kinds of lenses.

If this post goes against the intended purpose of this forum you have my apologies

29-Oct-2003, 13:17
For camera and enlarger lenses, no offense to Mark, but please don't let people rip them apart. My high school relies on donations for 99% of their equipment (everything except small stuff like tongs and thermometers) and could really use stuff - they're 35mm only but will gladly give a tax deduction for MF or LF for the students to play around with (or place in a good home).

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26-Apr-2006, 07:38
Dear Tom Dick and Harry

Unfortunately this forum is for LF. You should look for the minox forum for posting your comments. Also google Dictionary