View Full Version : Best Groundglass Money Can Buy/Best Groundglass $25 gets you?

26-Dec-2011, 11:05
Any suggestions? Gridded and non-gridded?

Gem Singer
26-Dec-2011, 11:20
What size?

26-Dec-2011, 11:27
For 4x5:
Surplus Shed usually has Kodak GGs for $10 each, I think.
Ebay has a variety of GGs, new and used, in that price range.
Yanke makes a fine GG for around $40.
Steve Hopf makes an excellent GG for about the same price.

The "best" is subjective, everyone has their preferences and tastes; I like Yanke's GG, I've put one on each of my cameras.

26-Dec-2011, 12:09
Gem, 4x5 and 5x7

Ari, Thanks!

Jim Jones
26-Dec-2011, 19:17
I prefer very light grids for architectural and technical copying, and tolerate them for most other photographty. No grids may be better for scenes and portraits.

27-Dec-2011, 04:26
+1 for Steve Hopf
I like a grid and clipped corners.

28-Dec-2011, 00:34
Another +1 for Steve Hopf. Very responsive and communicative, good quality as far as I can tell.

28-Dec-2011, 07:21
Make your own. I've made several now and find that with a bit of work I can produce a finer grind than what I can purchase. The finer grind makes focusing much easier and the screen brighter.

28-Dec-2011, 07:58
Money no object: Maxwell.

$25 limit: spend a little more and get one from Steve Hopf.

I have a few of the surplus Kodak screens from the surplus shed, and they are a bit uneven. Usable, of course, but you asked for the best.

Rick "a little disappointed with those Kodak screens" Denney

Richard Wasserman
28-Dec-2011, 08:07
For $25 definitely Steve Hopf! His screens are very nice and he is a great person to work with. For the work I do I like grids and square corners.

28-Dec-2011, 09:56
When Dave Parker was still in business, a Satin Snow ground glass for 4x5 could be had for $25. Sadly, people seemed to think that for $25 they could harass Dave nd his family so, he threw in the towel some years ago. I have a few Satin Snow screens. Dave did fantastic work.

Today, if I need a screen, I call Steve Hopf.

28-Dec-2011, 12:11
I think Dave also had severe back problems that forced him to stop working, but yes, he made some excellent screens and is a nice guy.