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26-Dec-2011, 09:48
I need a brighter ground glass for my Technika V.
Has someone tried the "Yanke Ultra Bright Fresnel + Ground Glass 4x5" ?
( http://cgi.ebay.at/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=270734909498&Category=43479&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26its%3DI%26otn%3D2#shId )

Tony Evans
26-Dec-2011, 09:50
Yes. I found it to be about 2 stops brighter than my Shen-Hao gg.

26-Dec-2011, 10:02
Yes. I found it to be about 2 stops brighter than my Shen-Hao gg.

sounds good!
I`m i correct that the ground glas and the fresnel are built together (one part)?

Tony Evans
26-Dec-2011, 12:30
In my case yes, but I understand some are sold in two parts.

26-Dec-2011, 12:48
The GG and fresnel are in one piece; also supplied is a clear sheet of plastic to fit over the GG.
And yes, it's a good GG, but it goes dark when looking at it from too steep or wide an angle.

26-Dec-2011, 14:17
I have these focusing screens in my 4x5 and 3x4 Graflex cameras and they are fine.

26-Dec-2011, 15:04
I read an Article about waxed Ground Glass that was sold at one time
that makes it 1 or 2 stops brighter
so I tryed it I just used Paraffin Wax AND IT HELPS!!

26-Dec-2011, 19:35
Yes, it helps with brightness, but it can also introduce bright spots on the GG.
Paraffin wax is a good choice, though.