View Full Version : Calumet CC series reflex finder?

John Conway
25-Dec-2011, 11:11
I have a beautiful CC 402 wide angle camera. When I use the camera, sometimes I like to place one of my Cambo viewers against the back to view things right side up. It works but I'm trying to figure out a way to attach the finder. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to do this.

25-Dec-2011, 11:55
well that will be fun BUT anyway you will have to hinge it to the lift so you can swing it out of the way to use the bail to put the film holder in!! I have two cc402 was thinking about putting a Graflock back on one of them

25-Dec-2011, 12:13
hey you got me to thanking so I got down my Reflex hood & the cc402
to take a look
HOW about this one at radioshack you can get small Nylon cable camps
Put them on the bail & screw them to the Reflex hood
then pull away from the lift then open with the bail like aiways it will hang
on to the bail // or hinging on the bail
with a total cost of less then a BUCK

Ed Kelsey
25-Dec-2011, 12:39
How heavy are these Calumet monorails >

John Conway
25-Dec-2011, 13:13
Good idea banjo. Since the Cambo viewer is not heavy, I have some simple velcro ideas. Ed, the 402 is a really great camera for wide angle work, not heavy at all. I have two 402 models. Actually, you can use them with lenses up to 150 in the field, and probably even with tele lenses, though I have not personally used tele lenses with my 402. I wish they (Calumet) would have made a reflex viewer for the camera, since it was (the full CC line 400,401,402 ,403) such a popular camera line. They are, in my opinion, one of the best deals out there in 4x5 monorails.

25-Dec-2011, 14:12
yes they {cc400, cc401, cc402} are stronger then the Calumet // combo SC!!!!
I sold my cambo NX {{like new}} junk!!! but I still have a SC but if I go out to shoot it wont be with the cambo SC junk!!
it would be with one of the cc400, cc401, cc402!!!!

anyway the cc402 is about 7 lbs with no lens
cambo SC 8lbs with no lens
a GRAFLEX GRAPHIC VIEW II is 8 lbs with no lens

25-Dec-2011, 14:18
you know it would be nice to find a wetsite like Graflex.org for the
Kodak Masterview // Calumet cc400s // ok for the orbit too

25-Dec-2011, 14:20
OH buy the way I have never seen a cc403 what !!

25-Dec-2011, 15:23
I don't have anything better to do today
so been looking I have a 1957 CC manual it has all 3 the CC400, 401 & the 402
has all 3 BUT the bellows on the 402 & the frount standered are different then they
are in my 1957 manual !! as in 1957 the manual says the only difference being in length of the bellows & the monorail

http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/calumet_3.html is a 1965 manual
it only has the CC400 & cc401
http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/calumet_1.html 1965 catloge
same thing
http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/calumet_2.html 1970 catloge

But in the 1970 catloge it has a special soft short bellows & a Recessed Frount standered with no need of a Recessed lensboard 47mm upto 165mm normal lens

John Conway
26-Dec-2011, 18:38
Thanks for the info banjo. I was using the 402 today. I noticed the Cambo finder fits right up against the two little tabs that secure the ground glass. I'm thinking I may be able to come up with something using little rubber blocks.

26-Dec-2011, 21:32
Cambo finder could be held in place with to blocks as it does have a sliding lock
that hold it to the Cambo!!

John Conway
26-Dec-2011, 23:02
That is what I was thinking. If I figure a way to get two little rubber blocks mounted on the GG frame so the finder just slides in and out with just a slight bit of pressure.