View Full Version : Lens board for Toyo 45 AII L to fit rodenstock

24-Dec-2011, 08:05
Hi there
I wish to find out what lens board I will need to fit a Rodenstock Sinaron S 5,6 150mm MC onto a Toyo 45 AIIL?
Is there a standard make that I can buy, or is it a Linhof or Toyo make? And what is the diameter of the lens board opening?
I hope someone can help me out, until then I am stuck with pieces of a camera!!

24-Dec-2011, 10:18
You will need a lens board with a hole that is sized o fit a Copal #0 shutter. Most Toyo 45A field cameras use Toyo 45a lensboards. However, I believe that the 'L' on the end of your model designation signifies that your camera uses Linhof technica style lens boards. Toyo made a linhof tech style board but you do not necessarily need to find one made by Toyo. Any Linhof Tech style lens board with a Copal #0 hole will work. It is a standard size.

The copal #0 shutter fits in a hole with a 35mm (about 1-3/8 inch) diameter.