View Full Version : Canham metal locking mechanism - how to repair?

24-Dec-2011, 07:32
I have a metal Canham 5x7. Today I noticed a problem with the front standard locking mechanism when setting up for a shot.

In normal operation, when the locking lever is not applied, you can move the standard back and forth by turning the front focusing knob. Then, by pushing up the locking lever against the pin, the front standard locks.

Today, I noticed stiffness when turning the front focusing knob. Basically, it was as if the front standard was locked (or nearly locked) even when the locking lever was hanging down (not applied).

I have played around with the locking lever a bit and tried loosening and tightening it with an alan key. To no avail though. I only seem to be able to get it so the lever is permanently tight or permanently loose.

Any idea how I can get this back to normal operation?

All the other similar locks on the camera (rear standard, front and rear swings) work fine - i.e. they only lock their relevant movement when the lever is pushed firmly into place.

24-Dec-2011, 07:50
I think the best person to ask that question is the man who built it: Keith Canham.

Gem Singer
24-Dec-2011, 10:10
You can talk to Keith by phone, but probably not until after the Christmas holiday.

The number listed on the Canham website is his cell phone number.

From your description of the problem, it sounds like the locking lever mechanism is stuck in the tightened position. Have you tried turning (un-locking) the locking lever shaft, or are you only loosening the lever handle?

I have adjusted the tension on the locking levers on my MQC57 several times. The locking mechanism shaft needs to be in the proper position before tightening the lever handle with the two small Allen set screws.

Turn the shaft clockwise until it is firmly locked. Then turn it counter-clockwise until it is only slightly un-locked. Finally, tighten the locking lever in the desired position with the Allen screws.

(Easier to do than describe in words).

24-Dec-2011, 11:21
Thanks Gem. V.helpful. After unscrewing everything this afternoon I realised that the source of the problem are the two small Allen set screws. (My lever handle is loose from the two allen screws) I'll follow the procedure you describe and see how I get on. If need be I can speak to KC in the New Year.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Gem Singer
24-Dec-2011, 11:49
Be sure to use the proper size Allen wrench to tighten the set screws.

If one, or both set screws are stripped, ask Keith to send you a couple of new ones. He's very helpful.

Happy Holidays.