View Full Version : QR plate for Toyo 45AII

23-Dec-2011, 14:15
While searching for a quick release plate for Toyo 45AII, I came across two suggestions online.

RRS B35 and Photo Clamp PC-69-UP2 (slighter shorter).

Does anyone have direct experience in using them? Would either serve its purpose well?

Many thanks!

23-Dec-2011, 14:21

I'm using the RRS B35 with a 45AII and it has served me well!

However, I've not tried the Photo Clamp so I can't compare it,
but I've nothing to critisize about the B35.

I'm using with a RRS BH-55 Ball head on a Gitzo 5541LS Tripod.

Best regards,

Chris Wong
23-Dec-2011, 15:16
I have the RRS B35 plate on my Toyo 45A and it works fine. No complaints.