View Full Version : Blank lens board for speed graphic?

22-Dec-2011, 11:59
Does anyone know where I can find a blank lens board for a speed graphic? The Heliar that I have is an odd size, so I need to cut a board with the right size hole.

22-Dec-2011, 12:24
You can have one made pretty cheaply at a machinist's.

Dan Fromm
22-Dec-2011, 12:32
Try www.mpex.com and www.skgrimes.com for metal boards to fit a Pacemaker Speed Graphic.

Earlier models have wooden boards and DIY is an option that's been discussed on www.graflex.org. Ask there.

22-Dec-2011, 13:00
eBay seller Heavystar has some blank graphic boards up right now.

disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with heavystar but, I have purchased graphic lens boards from them.

22-Dec-2011, 14:58
Thanks everyone!

thomas ciulei
23-Dec-2011, 03:03

i'm not affiliated either with ebay- heavystar, but his 3 lensboards (1.2mm aluminium without holes) for 38 USD was the best offer i could find. And they are black :)