View Full Version : Jobo ATL 2000

tim atherton
26-Oct-2003, 10:07
Any thoughts on this processor? Pros and cons? (I'd be doing mainly 8x10 - I already have a drum that should fit? and some 4x5).

Local studio guy is selling it off to pay for his switch to digital.

What are these things going for these days? I couldn't find any on ebay.


26-Oct-2003, 11:55
Tim, one went on ebay about three-four weeks ago for 1000usd

27-Oct-2003, 04:56

I *lucky bastard* own one, bought it three years ago for approx USD 1000. On the German Ebay site one was sold for less a few weeks ago.

With the appropriate drum it is a dream machine: fill the containers with chemicals, press the start button and walk away, do something else until it beeps. Especially nice is the cooling of the waterbath in long and hot summers.

No experience with 8x10, only 4x5, probably you get the best results in the expert drums.

I even use it to develop a single roll, after processing I run two cleaning cycles, cleaning takes about 15 minutes.

Have never seen differences in the negatives (less or more grain/accutance) between a small manual tank and this machine.


Martin Jangowski
29-Oct-2003, 03:21
I have the predecessor of the ATL2xxx, the ATL3. It has about the same technical features. I don't _ever_ want to go back to any manual processor. Fill the bottles, drop in the drum (I can develop up to 8x120 in one run, with D76 1+1 this is about 1.6l solution... about the maximum the machine handles) and press "Start". After reaching the correct developer temperature (within 0.2 deg Celcius...) the machine starts and runs the program, beeping when finished. It doesn't matter how cold or hot your lab is, as long as you have cold water from the tab that is lower in temperature then your lab temp. Each and every film is developed _exactly_ the same, even picky Deltas and T-Max come out perfectly all the time. Two bath-deveolpment? Just fill the first bottle with bath 1, the second with bath 2. Two-step fixing? Use bottles 5&6. You can have 6 chemical steps and 7 water steps (including pre-wash), each timed to 1s. You'll need a cold water tap and a fixed drain.