View Full Version : Ilford Ortho Plus

John Conway
21-Dec-2011, 18:45
If I shoot Ortho 4x5 and have it processed normally with standard chemicals at a lab, will I get high contrast images?

22-Dec-2011, 11:23
Check Ilford's website- you should find that this is a continuous tone non-panchromatic film, not a hi contrast film as for graphic arts use.

Eric Rose
22-Dec-2011, 15:13
Hi John. I use Ilford Ortho all the time and love the stuff for landscapes etc. I soup it in either Rodinal or PyroCat HD. It is indeed continuous tone.

John Conway
22-Dec-2011, 16:56
Hey Eric, thanks for the reply. Seems many photographers dig the Rodinal. I think Ralph Gibson is big on Rodinal as well. Checked out your site, really nice work.