View Full Version : How to Store Exposed Film Before Processing?

Chad Cook
25-Oct-2003, 21:18
After months of reading and research, I've finally joined the world of large format photography today. After searching the archives I still have a remaining question. Once I have unloaded my film holders, how should I safely store a very few sheets of exposed film before processing? I understand that it is typical to return exposed film to the original box, but are there some sort of light tight protective envelopes or such available that could be used for storing 5 - 10 sheets of exposed film for delivery to a lab for processing?

Thanks for any assistance.

Michael Kadillak
25-Oct-2003, 21:55
Since you have probably not shot enought film to empty a film box, take the holders to the lab and have them take it out for you and give you the holders back when you pick up the processed film. Then you can ask the lab if they have any empty film boxes for the format you are shooting that they can give you for future use.

Trying to put the film in anything else to bring it to the lab is taking a risk that the film may be fogged.

John Kasaian
25-Oct-2003, 22:52

FWIW, you can either recycle the black plastic bags the film originally came packaged in(once you shoot enough film to empty out a box), or get new ones---Freeestyle has them--- www.freestylesalesco.com ---and I'm sure there are other sources. You can ask your lab if they have a empty box of whatever size film you're shooting so you can keep your holders and load'em up for the next go around without waiting, just be sure to clearly mark the box you'll use to turn your film in if its not the same product you exposed.

good luck!

Alan Davenport
25-Oct-2003, 23:23
I have a couple of empty boxes that I use for exposed film. They are clearly marked so they don't get mixed with other boxes. Also, when there is exposed film inside, I put a couple of rubber bands around the box as a reminder (and insurance!) not to open it in the light.

Chad Cook
26-Oct-2003, 06:23
Thanks so much for all of your help. The only lab I have found thus far in the St. Louis area that does 4x5 E-6 is quite a distance away and only open 8-5 Monday thru Friday, making it difficult for me to get in there. While they have a drop box for after hours delivery, I'll make sure to talk to them when dropping off film the first few times until we get some sort of a "system" set up. As they seem to be the only place in town doing large format processing of any type, I'm sure they will be able to provide me with a couple of empty boxes to make things easier in the future.

Thanks Again

QT Luong
26-Oct-2003, 11:02
Be sure to tape the boxes so that they won't be opened by accident. If you put them in the freezer, it is safer to ziplock them.

Steve Baggett
26-Oct-2003, 16:17
These work well and are cheap: Delta light-tight safety bags film/paper, mfgr# 13510 B&H catalog #DESTB. A package of 5 costs $3.95. They are large enough to be folded several times with 4x5 film inside and then taped. Reusable.