View Full Version : Source for Eastman Kodak 2D Bellows?

Tim Layton
21-Dec-2011, 08:35
Can someone suggest a source for replacement bellows for the Eastman Kodak 2D 8x10?



Steven Tribe
21-Dec-2011, 09:15
Sources are:

1. You make them yourself. Plenty of advice/guidance available here. I don't think the Eastman 2D is difficult as a first one?
2. You get hold of a slightly holed example from someone who has made a replacement or has had a new one made. A repair which is good enough for a decade or so is possible. Which leads on to:-
3. You purchase a new bellows from the few firms that make them. 2D is a pattern that they know and may even have one ready for dispatch. Both sides of the Atantic have good/excellent reputations.

21-Dec-2011, 09:51
I highly recommend custom bellows in the UK. http://www.custombellows.co.uk/. They do beautiful, high quality work at a very reasonable price. They are easy to deal with (even though we are on different continents) and have a very reasonable turn around (~ 1-2 weeks).

21-Dec-2011, 10:45
Chances are Custom Bellows (formerly Camera Bellows and Glanvill's before that) made the original bellows for the British made versions of these cameras. They made a huge number of sets of bellows for various Kodak cameras over the years.

I went to their factory in 1976 and eas shown sets of map drawers full of bellows patterns including bag bellows for the camera I'd gone in with.

The other option as Steven says is to make your own, larger sizes are the easiest.


Tim Layton
22-Dec-2011, 09:40
Thanks everyone for the suggestions.


neil poulsen
26-Dec-2011, 14:55
I recently received a quote for my 8x10 D2 from Custom Bellows. I sent dimensions and received a quote for about 190 British sterling pounds. (That's based on my particular situation.)

I've had two bellows made by Custm Bellows, and both turned out great.

26-Dec-2011, 15:09
ecbuyonline2008 on ebay Custom Made Bellows

27-Dec-2011, 14:30
My own price for 8x10 is a little cheaper, though I would need the original to make a copy.


Rod Klukas
27-Dec-2011, 16:39
The following are companies in the US that do a great Bellows job as well.
Custom bellows is also great but really backed up right now.


This the owner of the former 'Western Bellows'.

Jim Ormond
7454 Henbane Street
Etiwanda, CA 91739-9765
(909) 980-0606

These two companies the best in the US. Yes you can make your own which might be fun, but these people know the Art and you will get a really well made product from either one.