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Richard Fenner
25-Oct-2003, 13:04
Has anyone come across de Golden Busch cameras, made by Doug Busch? From his View Camera article in the early 90's, I assumed he'd stopped making the cameras, but I see on his website (www.superlarge.com) he's still at it. If you have come across them, what did you think of them? If you had to compare them with other brands, who would you say they were closest to? Someone told me one ULF de Golden Busch was more like a Deardorff than a Tachihara in build, but it had heavier, 'clunkier' movements than the smoother Tachihara.

25-Oct-2003, 22:26
I saw his website also and had the same reaction as you. My understanding was that these cameras were a thing of the past.

Your comparison of the de Golden Bush to a Deardorff is correct in that it is heavy and very sturdy. I have only seen one of these cameas, a 12X20. It is well built and very functional, though a bit quirky, like his film holders.

26-Oct-2003, 03:40
He's got a two-year waiting list!

Richard Fenner
2-Nov-2003, 02:44
Thanks - I'm surprised so few people have come across them in the field, as they do get an occasional mention.

John Kasaian
2-Nov-2003, 16:06
FWIW, Igor's has one for sale, if you're near there and want a closer look at one.---------Cheers!