View Full Version : Any one useToho 8X10?

Vincent Lau
24-Oct-2003, 21:57
Dear All,

Anyone use the Toho 810( Not Toyo) for landscape? Please share your experience with me as I am planning to get a light weight 810.


William Marderness
25-Oct-2003, 05:23
I bought a Toho 8x10 and returned it within a week, because I had a problem with the tilts locking down. One of the tilts locked down adequately, but the other would not lock down no matter how hard I tightened it. When I focused the camera, the pressure of the bellows moved the problem standard, which sometimes came crashing down. The lens came close to hitting a tripod leg! Maybe this problem could be fixed with a replacement part. But I was not willing to chance this. If I had waited for a replacement, the return period would have expired.

If the camera had worked correctly, I would have liked it well enough. But I think it is too expensive for what you get. A Gowland 8x10 is on its way to me now. It is similar to the Toho, but half the price.

David A. Goldfarb
25-Oct-2003, 05:57
I have a Gowland 8x10", which William mentions. Mine is older than the current version, which has had some improvements, but I've written a fair amount about it here on the list and in the comments section of the Gowland review on lfphoto.info.

Christopher Condit
25-Oct-2003, 18:53
I just ordered a Toho 5x7 from Badger. I hope it doesn't have the same problems... gulp!