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19-Dec-2011, 17:18

I already contacted Carol at Flutot's about this, she told me she didn't work on cameras.

So, who's next in line for repairing a Fujica G690 rangefinder?

I've heard ok things about Precision Camera Works in Illinois.

Who else?

Basically, there's a lag between hitting shutter release and the shutter firing. 2nd issue is that the film doesn't advance properly... probably a stripped gear inside.


20-Dec-2011, 00:11
Frank Marshman
Camera Wiz
Harrisonburg, Virginia
(540) 434-8133

40 years in the biz, close relationship with Fujifilm

For me....has done:
three bellows on GS645
Lcd on GA645Zi
a number of CLAs on the big rangefinders... G690, G690bl, GL690 all interchangeable lens bodies.
revived a meter for me on the AE100 metered lens

always prompt except for one of the bellows when he had a hard time finding a new bellows supplier for the GS645. Has an upgrade for the bad shutter linkage on the GS645.

I have not considered anyone but Frank for any of my Fuji's for a number of years.

One note on Frank... Don't look for a web site and don't waste your time on email.

Frank is Old School. He'll actually talk with you on the telephone, and that's about it. I get along with him really well, and he get's the cameras done for me.

Frank Petronio
20-Dec-2011, 01:52
Frank Marshman is the expert, no question, honest, prompt, reasonable.

Bob at Precision Camera Works is great for higher end large format gear, customization, more sophisticated and expensive stuff.

21-Dec-2011, 15:09
Thank you!