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19-Dec-2011, 10:54
My Name is Andrew Mündenovskiy, I am a freelance photographer (Emerging) here in Canada. I am looking to meet some German Photographers and Im actually Looking for a ROLLEIFLEX TLR camera, (Their made in Germany 1920-1960) I would LOVE to have this camera, Quite badly!

IM also here because I want to meet more photographers and see if I can make connections, gain insight and knowledge, tips and dos/donts

Andrew Mündenovskiy

Len Middleton
19-Dec-2011, 11:47


There are a number of individuals here from Canada, and not suprisingly many from the Toronto area.

If you are looking for film photography in general you might try APUG (Analog Photgraphy User Group at www.apug.org). They do have a Toronto area thread there.

Please be careful to follow the the rules here, as you seem to be indicating you WTB (Want To Buy), and you will have access to that part of the web site here once you have been here for over 30 days.



19-Dec-2011, 19:31
Viele Dank Len!

MIke Sherck
20-Dec-2011, 07:23
Rollei's don't appear here very often; we're mostly interested in larger cameras. Ebay has a large selection for sale at any given time: you should try there.


Jan Normandale
20-Dec-2011, 13:52
if you go to RFF / rangefinderforum.com there was one for sale a few days ago. I'm not related to the advertiser and have no interest in the camera. It's got a 2.8 Xenotar lens. The link below should take you to the page with the camera for sale and some details about the camera


20-Dec-2011, 17:11
Thanks y'all! been quite helpful :D in my search for the ROLLIEFLEX... :D

Ron Marshall
20-Dec-2011, 17:17
KEH Camera Brokers has many Rolleiflex and Rolleicord.

I prefer the Rolleicord Vb, light and simple: