View Full Version : Kigamo to Mamiya RZ67-Graflex-Graflok-Confusion

18-Dec-2011, 21:34
We want to adapt a kigamo-back to mamiya rz67. Yes kigamo has a very expensive 750 euro-adapter. We are searching for an alternative. But there is a confusion about graflex, graflok and 4x5 international.


Here they say built-in Graflok.
Which mount is this? RB-graflok or 4x5 international?

If RB-graflok is true we can use our G-adapter RZ?

Joseph Dickerson
22-Dec-2011, 11:40
When I read the ad you linked to, it clearly stated that it is adaptable to RZ/RB cameras.
Looks like it fits 4x5 as is. Graflock, international is the same thing.


22-Dec-2011, 12:34
However RB Graflok is 2x3" - you can't attach a 4x5" there without offsetting the image plane. Their adapter must replace the entire RB rotating back, i.e. it will not use Graflok (nor the G-adapter on the RZ), but will attach like the respective Polaroid backs.

Given that, the only way around their adapter would be to imitate or convert a Polaroid back - but I rather doubt that the involved metal work would be cheaper than 750€, unless you have a tame technician working free hours for you.