View Full Version : Calumet Super CAMBO 6x9 Monorail

18-Dec-2011, 20:50
can anyone tell me if the bellows on a Calumet Super CAMBO 6x9 Monorail
is the same as the Calumet Super CAMBO 4x5 Monorail

18-Dec-2011, 21:20
Looks like no. Different order numbers apply. See:


Makes sense, I know from experience that lens boards are incompatible so it would be surprising if they used the same bellows.

Dan Fromm
19-Dec-2011, 16:37
Banjo, I have a 2x3 SC, also some 4x5 SC parts. The only parts in common between the 2x3 and 4x5 Super Cambos are the rails and the rail riders what sit under the standards. Now that I think of it, the finials at the tops of the standards vertical rods might be the same too.

The bellows absolutely positively do not interchange. The standards' carrier frames, to which boards and bellows attach, are different sizes. Of the top of my head, since I'm on the road, the 2x3's boards and bellows frames are 123.5 mm square, the 4x5's are 6 3/8".

I wish the bellows did interchange, I can use another standard bellows for my 2x3. I have a spare 4x5 bellows, can't do anything with it.