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18-Dec-2011, 07:22
Hi guys! I just came back from a outdoor shooting and while photographing it started to rain very lighty and my film holder insert got a little wet while i was exposing. I will have no ligjt leaks but uim afraid of the effect of humidity or water drops in the film holder. Will this destroy my exposure?

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Louie Powell
18-Dec-2011, 08:52
If the rain drops were limited to the outside of the holder, just wipe them off.

Too much rain can cause a variety of problems:

1. some older holders were made of wood, and if the wood gets wet, it can warp and the holders will no longer seat properly in the camera back.

2. if water gets inside the holder, there are all kinds of potential concerns. Water spots on the film, sticking the emulsion to the side rails so that the film cannot easily be removed, or permanently embedding dust in the emulsion.

Jim Noel
18-Dec-2011, 08:59
There is really no reason for rain to get in the holder. If it does happen, just remove the slide, dry everything with a towel and then set i aside for a few days. It wil dry naturally.

18-Dec-2011, 09:19
But what happens when water drops touch the emulsion? I tried to get the slide as dry as possible but im afraid that i wasnt able to completely keep it dry when reinserting the slide after exposing. Will the image get ruined when water touches it? Or will a few days of drying up at room temperature heal all problem?what happens anyway when water touches film?

Gem Singer
18-Dec-2011, 09:25
When water touches film, or allowed to dry on film, there is the possibility of creating water spots.

After processing and washing, film it is usually carefully rinsed in a distilled water bath containing a wetting agent.

This allows the wash water to sheet off of the film without spotting when it is hung to dry.

John Bowen
18-Dec-2011, 10:17
Raindrops on film sheet and whiskers on kittens...... These are a few of my favorite things.....

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18-Dec-2011, 13:51
It won't affect your exposures but I may weaken the tape that holds the flap where the film is inserted, eventually leading to light leaks.

18-Dec-2011, 14:07
Unfortunately in my area in GB the rainwater is fairly acidic so besides the effect mentioned on wooden slides and metal ones it possibly could act on the film emulsion halting its development if the wet dark slide has come into contact with it - hopefully not.

18-Dec-2011, 16:02
I would bet the water got wiped off by the light trap felt as the slide was reinserted.