View Full Version : Sinar Rodenstock Sinaron S MC 150mm

18-Dec-2011, 03:59
Hi there
I wish to ask does anybody know if the Sinar Rodenstock Sinaron S MC 150mm is a good lens?
I would need a lens suitable for landscape and portraits of people with background.
Is the lens comparable to another lens of this focal length?
I hope to hear something

Edward (Halifax,NS)
19-Dec-2011, 02:15
The Sinaron-S lens is the same as the Rodenstock Sironar-N. It is a fine lens. I have the 210mm version and I am very happy with it.


19-Dec-2011, 16:51
I have owned this lens in its identical Caltar branding since 1988. It has always performed beautifully, both in 4x5 mode and with a 6x9 rollfilm back.It is used mostly for landscapes.