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18-Dec-2011, 03:13
Hi everybody,

I am sure, that the answer to my question is already somewhere in all of those forum posts, but I couldn't read them all - so I hope to become forgiven for asking a question, that has been already asked.

I am a photographer for a very long time but completely new and unexperienced in the field of large format photography. Never thought, that I would ever be lucky enough to own a large format camera, but I had the chance to get even three of those at a local flea market for a "I would never tell, but just too lucky to be true" price and I can't wait for using them.

The thing is just ... I became a little bit shocked by checking the prices for film and development in town :( So I thought ... and I would like to know, if that is just a silly idea or not ... I might use photographic paper instead of film. Does that make senses ? I remember from my childhood, processing B/W pictures in the cellar of my grandfather, that it has been not that difficult and photographic paper is cheap. I would get a reversed picture ( negative ) of course, but that would be completely fine as I could scan and reverse it again easily ( intend to get it scanned anyway ).

What do you think ? I couldn't find anything useful in the internet and would be happy about some help and comment.

Thanks a lot and cheers from Tokyo,


Tom J McDonald
18-Dec-2011, 03:42
Yes, no problem.
Search 'paper negative'.

18-Dec-2011, 04:25
Paper negative ... found the thread. Thanks so much !!!