View Full Version : 38 XL SA On 4X5 how?

John Conway
17-Dec-2011, 11:16
I know this issue has come up many times and I don't mean to beat it into the ground, but I'm going to beat it into the ground. Yes, the 47 XL is wide and it covers 4X5. I have used the 47 and it is great. Now, there are those who say the 38XL will not cover 4X5 and then others that say the factory specs are conservative and the lens can be used on 4x5 without moves. On this forum someone stated that he worked with a very successful pro photographer that used the 38XL on 4X5. So what is the deal? I think images that have a dominant foreground would work with this lens. I figure the bellows gets racked out, the image circle just covers, then you stop way down. When I do find one used I'm going to buy it and use the lens on 6X9. But I must try it on 4X5. It is called ultra wide addiction.

17-Dec-2011, 11:19
Even if does not cover the film all the way, just crop the corners when printing. You should still get an angle of view slightly wider than the 47. They are both 120 degree lenses, but on 4x5 the 47 gets cropped by the film holder so the angle of view will be slightly less than 120. If you crop the 38 right to the edges of the image circle when printing you will get the full 120 degrees (maybe some more too).

Either way, though, I think the difference in view between the two will not be much on 4x5.

gary mulder
18-Dec-2011, 10:03
With a linhof tech and a 38mm. The bed is in the picture and clipped corners.

John Conway
19-Dec-2011, 16:37
Hey Gary, thanks for the image. I have not been able to find any images that have been made with the 38 XL on 4X5. Was the lens focused at infinity or did you have the bellows extended out? Also, did you have it stopped down? Thanks

gary mulder
20-Dec-2011, 00:26
The picture was taken with the 38 xl on a linhof helical focusing mount. Focused on 4 meter with f16 and a center filter.

John Conway
20-Dec-2011, 15:44
Thanks again