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John Kasaian
23-Oct-2003, 08:36

I came across this at Barnes and Noble and was pleased with content on Large Format. The Lay of The Land by Mike Johnston is a piece on classic LF American landscapes---Brady, William Henry JAckson, Darius Kinsey, Ansel Adams, Walker Evans, Mark Klett, and a little Dorothea Lange for good MF measure.

Out of The WIlderness by Elzabeth Roberts, who interviews Ansel Adams former student Charles Phillips, who shoots contrasty 8x10 landscapes.

The Highwayman, George Losse's road trip across the USA recorded with an 8x10 and 8x20 camera.

Realms of The Abstract, really cool abstracts and aerials by Steve Mulligan, who shoots mainly with a 5x4(UK, remember?) Toyo Field.

Straight From The Heart, Elizabeth Roberts interviews Craig Varjabedian who shoots the New Mexican landscape with an Ebony.

Size Matters, part one of a primer on getting started in Large Format by David Ward.

I was floored by the amount of articles covering Large Format! If your by a Barnes and Nobles, its worth checking out.-------Cheers!

Ron Bose
23-Oct-2003, 10:39
Hey John,

In Canada, Chapter's and Indigo's have been carrying it since it was launched. It's my absolute must buy monthly magazine.

Every LF and B&W shooter should read it !!

Paul Metcalf
23-Oct-2003, 12:34
The B&W website shows that the current issue is October (Issue #27). So does that make Issue #26 September's (?????). And their archive page doesn't give me the impression that it has anything to do with LF or landscape (looks more political). I don't recognize any of the author names listed above stated for that (or any other) issue. Is there a different B&W mag in Canada/UK?

mark blackman
23-Oct-2003, 15:23
The UK magazine, Black and White Photography does exactly what is says on the label, it covers B&W! The current issue available in the Shops here is number 27, dated November 2003 (don't ask me why, but most magazines seem to come out a month 'early'). It is a good read, covering all aspects of B&W photography including darkroom processing, printing, digital, filters etc. They are currently into the 3rd article (of four) on LF, and it does get mentioned quite often. I don't know where Paul gets the impression it is 'political', it is true that they do run stories and prints with a slight journalistic bent (e.g. this issue covers flop houses in the Bowery, NY), but IMHO that's just good examples of photography acting as a mirror to the world we live in.

It's not cheap, 3.25, but I get more enjoyment out of that cash than the pint (UK, 20oz) of beer the same money will buy me in central London.

John Kasaian
23-Oct-2003, 15:36
The issue I just got from BArnes & Noble is issue 25---I hope they've kept up the LF coverage in the newer issues!

Merg Ross
23-Oct-2003, 22:07
The October issue of B&W magazine, published by Henry Rasmussen in the US, should be # 27. I believe John is referring to the UK publication with a similar name.

John Kasaian
24-Oct-2003, 10:31

The website for Black & White Photography, the U.K. one published by GMC publications is www.gmcmags.com


Paul Metcalf
24-Oct-2003, 15:36
Just picked up the British B&W mag at Barnes and Noble and it does appear to be an excellant read for large formatters (definitely different than US B&W mag). I'll have one eye in it and one eye on the remaining World Series Games this weekend.

Go Cubbies (oops, too late...)