View Full Version : Metal parts for camera?

Łukasz Owsianka
16-Dec-2011, 16:02

Is there a shop or site that I can find some metal parts for view cameras? I would like to build a 16x20in camera but I do not know yet what type of construction it will be. Maybe you can prompt me some kind of idea. I has to be simple. :D

John Koehrer
16-Dec-2011, 16:19
Deardorff sells hardware for their cameras. New, and pretty much all you would need. Excellent quality.

17-Dec-2011, 10:35
some dude here built a NICE 16x20 or 20x24...BIG out of plywood...looks like it can do the job---check the "camera showoff" thread....it's all like unpainted plywood...looked pretty good to me.

whups...forgot the title....METAL...well....you need access to a machine shop and a machinist....oh...and money

anyways, my point is that dude made a pretty solid looking piece out of wood...actually--wood may actually be better in the longrun in the larger sizes....this is when you start getting flexure/bending wobbling issues--...teeny metal pieces you'll need more supports to get the same stiffness--like buiding a truss. same is true for wood, but with wood, it's light enough where you can use more soild pieces of it...try that with metal and you'll find you've built a tank when you're done.

Jim Jones
17-Dec-2011, 16:53
Become thoroughly familiar with hardware stores, and design the camera as much as possible around the hardware and plumbing that is available there. Don't overlook the electrical department.