View Full Version : Taking apart a G-claron 150mm

22-Oct-2003, 12:11
Removing the rear element was easy enough. The retaining ring that holds the front to the lensmount [looks like some sort of enlarger] sure doesn't want to be separated from the lens. I'm assuming once I get that off I'll still need to remove the front element from the barrel. Is there a hidden screw on the front?

Thanks Nick

Arne Croell
22-Oct-2003, 13:25
I am not exactly sure what you mean with front retaining ring. On my barrel 150mm G-Claron, the front lens cell is fully inside the barrel and one has to use the fingertips to reach in and unscrew it, but there is no retaining ring or set screw. Since the G-Clarons were long-lived, maybe you have a different barrel? Mine shows a bold white circle with a vertical line on the body of the barrel, as the marker for the f-stop numbers on the front ring of the barrel. It is from the mid-70's.

22-Oct-2003, 13:52
There is a retaining ring on the back that is holding the front to the lensboard. How did you get your fingers in there? From the serial number mine is from 1986. It does sound just like yours but I can't get the front to unscrew. Of course I can't get my fingers very far in there.

Arne Croell
22-Oct-2003, 13:59
Nick, mine has the normal retaining ring( actually a flange with 4 holes for screws),too, its just not mounted on a board. That ring, however, has nothing to do with removing the front cell. If you can't get your fingers in the front (mine are thin), try to find some rubber stopper or similar with a diameter less than the barrel front opening, but larger than the 37mm or so front diameter of the front cell. Press the fron cell onto the rubber and try to unscrew by friction.

22-Oct-2003, 14:04
I tried a couple of tools and finally got it out. Thanks.